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Reactions: Landmine Explosions

by on June 21, 2011

News excerpt from a news link in a June 17 hot topic on Balatarin:

An official with the Kurdistan authority announced on Thursday that seven Iranian soldiers were killed as a result of mine explosions in the border area between Iran and Iraq.  According to Reuters, Jabbar Yavar, a spokesperson with the Kurdish authority said that the Iranian forces accidentally entered the minefield on the Iran-Kurdistan border.  According to the source, the mines had been planted by Iranian forces, but the Iranian soldiers who fell victim to the explosion had recently arrived in the region and had no information about the mines.  They became trapped in the minefield and were all killed.  The Iranian Consulate in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan-Iraq announced they have “no information” on this subject.  General Helkord Khezr, a military commander in the Iraqi Kurdish region, told Aswat al-Iraq news website that passengers of an Iranian military vehicle who had entered the Iraqi soil were killed when four landmines exploded.

Here are some of the comments Balatarin users made about this news:

Those who have attended the compulsory military service and know what’s going on understand the sadness of this news more profoundly.  There are many cases of suicide, self abuse, or death by accidents such as this among soldiers serving the mandatory service; but the news is never published, there is never any criticism, or legal support…the mandatory military service in our country, where there is no regard for the life and psyche of the citizen’s children, is criminal and against human rights. ”

What a country we have, where our soldiers are defeated by imaginary enemies!”

…It is lack of training for our soldiers that causes such catastrophes.”

While the rest of the world is thinking about demining, our government is still planting landmines!  And the poor people always pay the price!”

Iran signed international anti-mine conventions, but not only has Iran not engaged in any demining activities, it continues to plant landmines in the Kurdistan region.  Not a day passes without several innocent people walking on landmines and ending up on hospital beds without hands, legs, and eyes, while they are asked to pay for the cost of the landmine.  Some areas are not even on the border and they have landmines planted in them, and this remains a military tactic for Iran.  The victims this time were not ordinary people and poor vendors, but poor soldiers.”

The interesting and sad point in this story is that a neighboring country has reported this news, and Iranian officials disavow any knowledge about this!  It seems the lives of those seven soldiers was of no value to them to at least announce the news themselves.”

The only thing that matters not for Iran’s evil rulers and is deemed worthless is human life.  Shame on a regime that claims to be a follower of God, but does not believe in God.”

Stay with us on Balatarin and learn what our users are thinking about next!

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  1. Niloufar permalink

    are there any anti- mine social movements in Iran or neighbouring countries?

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